The Sex Myth Detox

Many of us hold damaging inherited beliefs about how sex “should” be – myths that affect our lives, body image and well being. Together with tao tantric arts practitioner Natriskha Pather, Sarah designed a workshop in 2017 called The Sex Myth Detox to help women and femmes rid themselves of toxic sexual narratives inherited from our culture that no longer serve them and explore new ones that nourish their capacity for pleasure.

The Sex Myth Detox creates an accepting space where groups can shed cultural expectations and self-judgment and reconnect to authentic desire. Together, we explore cutting-edge science that is changing what we know about arousal, discover female pleasure anatomy, and learn simple exercises that transform how we approach our sexuality. (Oh, and we laugh. A lot.)

I present this workshop with Natrishka when we’re both in the same place at the same time (she also created this great image for it), and I do a solo version on my own as well. Please visit the Contact page to inquire about booking and rates.

This workshop is welcome to all women and female-identified people, trans women, trans men and gender non-binary folk. It can also be adjusted for a group of people of all gender identifications. There is no sex or nudity, and all comments shared in the workshop are kept confidential.